Graffiti Concept | You Don't Own Me

There was a period of time in school when I loved working with stencils. It made sense to me to break down an image into sections. This can be seen in my Gandhi texture piece. While working in stencils someone asked me what I thought of Banksy, graffiti artist. I knew of his work and knew that while I appreciated his point of view, I was not as aggressive in sharing my thoughts or reflections with the world. 

I wondered what kind of political or social commentary I would have. I noticed themes from my childhood and after examining Barbie, Disney movie plots, and fairy tales, I settled on My Little Pony.* This idea of ownership never offended me as a child, of course not, I'm the youngest of four girls and loved toys...everything was mine. But the idea that I personally could belong to someone, a society as a whole, was not welcomed. (Hence the graffiti on the side of Harrod's in London).

I am viewed by marketers as a commodity. I am seen as a potential customer. Once I take a bite of the apple, I'm theirs. Well, that's not me. I decided that My Little Pony was a great representation for the concept of being owned and I took a big ex and red letters to mark out "My" and write "You don't own me" as a response to consumerism.

* This project was for a University art course.