Bentonville Film Festival Poster

My submission for the Bentonville Film Festival (BFF) poster. The festival celebrates women and diversity in film. Presented by Geena Davis in Bentonville, Arkansas, the inaugural festival was held May 5-9, 2015. 

My design was created from a charcoal drawing of a ponytail joining the same woman's hair on two sides. She is grounded. She can go in any direction she chooses. And it signifies that every woman is more than just one definition. We are different, we change our minds, and we work together.

The creative team gave inspirational words to be used within the design.* At least three were required. I used the list of words given to create the top and bottom borders in the BFF theme colors. "Women | Different | Together" appear below the drawing. 

*Championing, Women, Diversity, Beautiful, Fresh, Storyteller, Artists, Imagine, See, Picture, Variety, Advance, Voice, We, Unify, Empower, Inclusion, Different, Celebrate, Declare, Assert, Collaborate, Passionate, Advance, Future, Stand Up, Strength, Join, Change, Humorous, Inspire, Influence, Thrive, Innovate, Powerful, “Make A Difference”, Equality, Dignity, Illuminating, Spark, Progress, Engage, Represent, Discover, Evolve, Dynamic, Initiate, Succeed, Circle, Support, Yes