Fear of the Dentist | Part 2

In my last post I described how anxious I was for my next dentist appointment. I knew he would be interested to hear about my experience at the USA Pro Challenge, it was his suggestion after all. I arrived to my appointment, checked in, and was taken to the exam room. I pulled out the “USA Pro Challenge” sticker I brought him and waited. I was so excited to say “Thank you so much for encouraging me to go to the race, it was so much fun” but I was also anxious that he would see my efforts as good enough or fruitful. I’ve described my quest to enter the world of cycling to him over the last three appointments. There was a lot of pressure to share great stories of how it’s all going. 

He came into the room and before I could say anything he said “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!” And we jumped right in to all the fun details. I showed him all the photos of me meeting the cyclists and how I worked as crew and also VIP for two stages of the race. It was so great to connect with someone who knows about cycling since I’m still discovering it. He was so encouraging and understanding that I’m figuring things out but enjoying the process.

A lot of people have asked “What are you doing these days?” The basic answer is that I’m “changing career ladders” and describe my journey towards working in the cycling industry. As with my dentist their first question is usually “Do you cycle?” I always laugh and sheepishly reply… “Not really, I'm looking for a role supporting the team. I’ll leave the cycling to them.”

My dentist asked what the next step is for me. I explained that I am still building relationships in the industry and assessing available options. Now that the cycling season is coming to a break, I hope there will be more time for me to chat with organizers about joining their team. The great news is that my interest and motivation hasn’t wavered.

I’m relieved to have made my dentist, a.k.a. career counselor, proud. And in other news, I’m now cavity free!