Rogers Cycling Festival 2015

“Five Races, Two Days,
One Historic Festival.” 

The Rogers Cycling Festival was August 1-2. The town of Rogers was a great place to visit, it’s industrial and historic, just like cycling! For this festival, organizers combined the Spike and the Frisco 5 Card Poker Ride from years past with “an expanded menu of cycling events.” I saw various skill levels represented. Throughout my day I conversed with lots of locals, guests and spectators who were very excited to talk about cycling. An astute gentleman of around 80 chatted with me a while about volunteering. He mentioned he enjoys volunteering at the hospital, making special note of their cuisine. He enjoys having lunch there. The entire festival had a similar feeling of connection, comradery, and community. I would strike up conversation with someone and they would relay their experience with cycling, volunteering, or simply living in the area. One man said he had only been “in the game” for about a year but it was swiftly his new passion. As I walked away he encouraged “keep getting out there.”

The cyclists I interacted with are very social online as well. I asked one team of three men if I could take their picture near a trash / recycling heap I found around the corner from the finish line. They were kind enough to oblige and when I mentioned the pictures were for my blog, they offered me their organizer’s email address. I truly enjoy the ability to keep up with local and international teams through social media. Not only can I share images I take, I can see the fun they’re having in their neck of the woods.